voice of roma education center!

three upcoming benefits for the voice of roma education center in kosovo!

Come out for a beautiful slide show, short film and discussion about the Roma of Kosovo. Presenting and joining the discussion will be me, Marko, educator and activist. I teach at the (Roma led) Voice of Roma education center in Kosovo.

I will share stories of some of the current politics of the region, some of the affects of the war and current relations of Roma people with their Serbian and Albanian neighbors. How religion is playing a role in this region (many Kosovo Rom are Muslim). I will also talk about the work of V.O R, the current emigration of thousands of Roma family’s, Roma traditions (both perceived and real), women’s rights and of course, the amazing kids I taught!..

All of this I try to share through stories as people told them to me or from my own experiences working in the community. I do not come to the presentation as an expert on Roma culture or to speak for the Romani people of Kosovo. I am not Rom and feel that I was very privileged to be welcomed into this community with such warmth. I come to this work very much interested in education, solidarity and mutual aid.

These are benefits for the Voice of Roma Education Center in Kosovo.. donations in the millions accepted!..all donations will go directly to the education center.

Hope to see you there!


thursday, january 28th, 7pm
938 Valencia Street at 20th
San Francisco (Dolores Street Community Services)
Wheelchair accessible
and close to Bart!

$5 donation requested  no one turned away for lack of funds.
yummy snacks
Co-sponsored by the Center for Political Education and Voice of Roma

Also speaking at the this event will be Sani Rifati co- founder of Voice of Roma! He will talk about the present work of Voice of Roma (cultural, educational and economic development) and break down the negative stereotypes of Romani people in the media. He will also talk about the continued displacement of thousands of Roma families.

The Center for Political Education


tuesday february 2nd  7 pm ….yup that’s groundhogs day!

1721-1/2 63rd St., Berkeley

(5 blocks S. of Ashby BART)

donations accepted  no one turned away

Yummy snacks   this is not an accessible house


wednesday february 24th 7pm

station 40

3030B 16th Street

San Francisco (right across from the 16 street bart station)

donations accepted     no one turned away

yummy snacks       this is not an accessible house


It is the mission of Voice of Roma to promote and present Romani cultural arts and traditions in a way that counters both romanticized and negative “Gypsy” stereotypes, and in so doing, to contribute to the preservation of Romani identity and culture. VOR also works to heighten awareness of human rights issues faced by Roma in today’s world, and to support efforts by Roma to (re)build and maintain their communities, improve their lives, and to strengthen the Romani voice both nationally and internationally. Our mission is accomplished through organizing and implementing cultural arts, educational, economic development, and charitable projects for and about Roma.

Voice of Roma